How does We Care LLC do Quality Control?

    We Care LLC is committed to superior quality and safety. 

    Starting with confident sourcing of the highest quality ingredients, to manufacturing under strict adherence to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), to the testing of our finished products, we have built quality into all our processes from

    beginning to end, to offer the safest and most effective products on the market.

    Ingredient Sourcing And Test

    The raw materials used in We Care LLC premium products are high-quality materials purchased from only reputable sources

    that have been fully vetted and approved by our diligent Quality Assurance department. 

    Each vendor must meet our strict criteria for quality performance.

    Management and robust Quality Systems.  Because of the many variations encountered in many materials used

    in dietary supplements, including seasonal, regional, and climate, We Care LLC has identified and approved multiple

    trustworthy vendors in different regions of the world.  Because our experienced Purchasing department has established strong relationships with many reputable vendors, we can quickly purchase large amounts of raw materials often at a discounted rate,

    which allows us to pass price savings on to our customers.

    In-Processing Audit:

    Ingredient/Component Screening

    In addition to the tireless efforts of our Purchasing and Quality Assurance departments to ensure we have sourced the

    best material available from the right vendors globally. we rely on our technologically advanced Quality Control (QC) standard

    and procedure to verify through testing that each raw material received meets our high-quality standards and is suitable to put into production. 

    Raw Materials are pre-screened to ensure they are correctly identified upon receipt, are of adequate strength, and are confirmed

    to be safe and free from contamination and impurities.

    Once raw materials are released and used in production, We Care LLC Quality Control Inspection team

    closely monitors every manufacturing step and performs in-process inspections at established Critical Control Points (CCPs)

    to ensure strict adherence to all environmental and batch process controls.

    especially for food,Phamathy supplies

    After sale service:

    Re-evaluation, test and data updated

    Continous Improvement by Lean six sigma




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